If You Are Accused of a Serious Offense, You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being under suspicion, or accused of any crime can have serious implications that can affect your job, family and reputation. You should never deal with the police nor any investigative agency alone. The assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, as early as possible is crucial. You may be facing lifelong consequences, steep fines, or even imprisonment. By creating compelling and aggressive legal arguments, arrests get prevented, cases get dismissed, and serious charges reduced. When your prosperity and freedom is on the line, you need an attorney with a track record of success. We are ready to fight for you. Contact us online or call at (603) 225-5152 or (603) 232-5469 to book a free consultation.

Attorney Maggiotto was the successful lead prosecutor in the Pamela Smart case, arguably New Hampshire’s most infamous murder trial.

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We are prepared to aggressively protect your freedom and rights.

Criminal Defense Services at Maggiotto, Friedman & Feeney, PLLC

We can handle any type of criminal case in any State or Federal Court:

  • Homicide: Murder in the First Degree in New Hampshire is punishable by life imprisonment without parole. Charges of Second Degree Murder or Manslaughter can result in imprisonment for the rest of your life. If you are accused of being involved in the death of another, you need an attorney with the experience to investigate the circumstances of your case, to prove your innocence or to illustrate how your circumstances warrant a lesser charge.
  • Negligent homicide: Death is not always the result of an intentional act. When reckless or negligent actions result in death or serious injury, such as in automobile accidents or misuse of firearms, you could be charged with negligent homicide or first-degree assault. Though less serious than premeditated violence, a conviction will still carry heavy penalties, that will impact you for the rest of your life.
  • Drug offenses: Most drug offenses arise from a defendant’s inability to deal with his or her own substance abuse problems. Either selling to pay for their own addiction, or possessing controlled drugs to feed their habit, Attorney Maggiotto and his team are well versed in the treatment options and programs available to addicts to get the help they need and to avoid incarceration.
  • Sexual assault: No accusation carries a more lasting stigma than an allegation of sexual abuse.  Reporting requirements can last years, if not for the rest of your life. Sexual assault charges can take many different forms, from your son having sex with an underage minor, date rape, to charges of pedophilia. We are prepared to handle your case no matter what the allegations are.
  • DUI and related motor vehicle charges: Police are more and more aggressive with pursuing charges of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In addition to charges in the District Court, where you could lose your license for up to two years for a first offense, you will also face the loss of your license administratively for six months by a separate action taken by the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicle. These periods of license revocation can run consecutively to each other. A second DUI offense can lead to substantial periods of incarceration. DUI charges often include claims of drug possession, disobeying a police officer, and leaving the scene. Your ability to drive is a basic necessity of modern life and often crucial to your ability to work. You need an attorney who knows how to challenge the legality of you being stopped, how the police are trained, and where their failures to follow proper procedures impact your rights.

Why Choose Us?

Paul Maggiotto started his career prosecuting sex crimes and homicides as a D.A. in Brooklyn New York.  He was then an Assistant Attorney General in New Hampshire, prosecuting homicides and arguing appeals to New Hampshire’s Supreme Court. He has defended clients in all the state courts of New Hampshire as well as in Federal Court. He is familiar with the New Hampshire judges, how they think, knows how to negotiate with prosecutors, and understands how to take the right approach in helping our clients. More importantly, his trial experience and courtroom skills ensure you will have the most effective representation available to you.

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If you have been accused of a crime, you need legal representation. Contact our firm right away to schedule a consultation, as any delay can impact your rights. We will review the details of your case and immediately begin preparing your defense.

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