A Divorce Can Be the Most Upsetting Financial or Emotional Challenge You Face - But with the Right Divorce Attorney,  It Doesn’t Have to Be 

Paul MaggiottoDivorce proceedings can be incredibly difficult, between splitting a family and dividing assets and income, you need an attorney who understands the emotional impact on both parties and their children. Dividing assets can also be incredibly complex, involving evaluating multi-million dollar businesses, real estate, stock options, retirement benefits, pensions and trusts. Additionally, the tax consequences of your financial split cannot be overlooked. Divorce attorney, Paul Maggiotto, in Concord, NH, has been helping clients navigate the tangled complexities of divorce for over twenty years. He can make the process easier. Attorney Maggiotto understands the difficulties and complications you are facing. He will protect your financial interests and the best interests of any children involved every step of the way. To schedule a free consultation with Paul Maggiotto, please fill out our online contact form or call at (603) 225-5152 or (603) 232-5469.

We work closely with our clients, providing them with the personal service an expertise to achieve the best possible results.

Considerations in a Divorce Case

As you begin your divorce, consider that the best results are often achieved when the parties, represented by an experienced and prepared counsel, come to the negotiating table to mediate their differences and to draft an agreement that works for both of them. But when mediation is not successful, or the parties cannot agree on the value of a business or other asset, it is imperative to have an attorney who can fight aggressively for what is yours. We will address every aspect of your divorce, neglecting none of the details. Our goal is to help you achieve closure. Among other things, we can guide you through the following:

  • Property Settlements
  • Business Evaluations
  • Determining Retirement Benefits
  • Devising of Parenting Plan
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Relocation Issues

Attorney Maggiotto has settled divorce cases quickly and litigated multi-day hearings involving millions of dollars in assets. What is best for you is the guiding principle.

The Divorce Proceedings

Regardless of whether it is a mutual decision, there are common steps to every divorce case:

  • A divorce begins with the filing of a Petition for Divorce. New Hampshire is a “no-fault” state meaning a divorce can be granted on irreconcilable differences. If a party is alleging a fault-based grounds, such as adultery, it must be alleged in the Petition. The Clerk’s Office will then issue a notice (“Orders of Notice”) which must be served on the other side. 
  • New Hampshire will require both parties to attempt mediation before scheduling any hearing. If the parties cannot agree how to temporarily or permanently manage their finances or parent their children, the Court will, in the first instance schedule a “Temporary Hearing” in which the Court will decide, until the issue can be finally resolved, who will live in the marital residence, who will pay what bills, what the temporary parenting plan will be as well as temporary alimony, if appropriate, and child support.
  • Throughout this process, the parties will engage in discovery, disclosing their assets, and determining their values. They will exchange their proposals and ideas for their parenting plan and what they believe is in the children’s best interests, how to divide their assets, and debts.  
  • Parties can only negotiate a satisfying final stipulation when they believe they understand what all the assets are, their value and what the law asserts is theirs. A parenting plan should work not only for the parents, but most importantly, for the children. Final agreements are often reached between experienced counsel who not only knows the law, but knows how a court is likely to decide.
  • If the parties cannot reach an agreement, these matters will be litigated in Court.  Then, the skill of an experienced litigator is essential. 

When you are going through a divorce, your choice of attorney can make the difference between an amicable resolution and an outcome resulting in ongoing difficulty and resentment.

Our Philosophy about Divorce Lawsuits

At Maggiotto, Friedman & Feeney, PLLC, we know that divorce is incredibly difficult. Attorney Maggiotto promises you personalized, considerate, and discrete service to help you through this challenging time. We work closely with our clients and care deeply about achieving the best possible outcomes. We always try to be collaborative in the first instance to preserve relations between spouses and to avoid costly, and often unnecessary litigation. Due to his extensive trial experience, criminal and otherwise, Attorney Maggiotto has earned the reputation as an aggressive thorough litigator, whose trial skills can help to protect your best interests throughout a divorce. Having a skilled trial attorney on your side can often assist in resolving even the most turbulent divorces without court.

Facing a Difficult Divorce? Contact Us Today

When you are going through a divorce, your choice of attorney can make the difference between an amicable resolution, preserving your financial stability or outcome resulting in ongoing difficulty and resentment. Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Maggiotto.

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